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1966 to 1977

Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74"
1966 to 1977

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Valve Spring Kits, Lightweight Racing for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

KPMI takes a scientific “System” approach when designing our Valve spring kits. Each component is designed to work with the others as part of the complete system. KPMI’s engineers use our proprietary design and simulation softwares, and draw on our 70+ years of design experience to create these systems. Our design, simulation, and manufacturing processes insure compatibility of the valve spring’s force and natural frequency with the cam profile, valvetrain mass, system harmonics, and the engine RPM. Our spring manufacturing partners are U.S based companies that are ISO certified. The Super-Clean Chrome Silicon valve spring wire we use is traceable back to Kobe Japan where some of the best spring wire in the ...


Valve Spring Kits, O.E.M. Replacement for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

This KPMI® O.E.M. replacement kit is designed to give stock pressures and work with stock cam profiles. This kit is manufactured to original O.E.M. specifications using premium modern materials, design protocols and manufacturing techniques. All of the components in this O.E.M. style spring kit are the high quality parts you expect from KPMI®. Valve springs are wound from Super Clean chrome silicon valve spring wire that has been heat treated and shot peened. The retainers, keepers, and bases are modeled using FEA analysis to maximize mechanical strength. Components are interchangeable with O.E.M. components unless otherwise noted.


Seals, O.E.M Replacement for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

These OE style seals incorporate a special low friction graphite impregnated PTFE sealing element. PTFE material does not have “memory” and therefore is subject to creep. Creep allows the seal to conform to mating surfaces, controlling oil, but not letting the parts run dry. PTFE is known to retain its mechanical properties at temperatures as high as 500°F. These steel clad seals have a low profile for seal-to-retainer clearance, and will fit inside dual spring assemblies.

The Installation tools for OE style seals are manufactured from high impact plastic. They are designed to help the builder center the seal over the valve stem and valve guide so that a few light strikes from a hammer will set the seal on ...


Valves, Black Diamond™ for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977


All KPMI Black Diamond™ Stainless Steel Valves are impregnated by a special German process to .002" deep with a .0002" surface build-up to improve wear properties and reduce friction. This process provides resistance to corrosion and wear that is superior to that developed by hard chromium and electrolysis nickel plating. These valves are light and the profiles provide excellent flow characteristics.


Valve Guides for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

We choose to use the copper based C63000 nickel-aluminum bronze as a material to make our bronze valve guides because of its ideal characteristics for the application. The 5% nickel content provides superior resistance to wear, and the approximately 80 percent copper content delivers outstanding heat conductivity. KPMI® guide profiles are designed to have minimal effect on the airstream while maintaining critical cross sectional thickness in high temperature areas, which promotes high performance and endurance.

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Valve Guides, Cast Iron for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

After chemically separating several samples of cast iron material for analysis and evaluating the test data, we decided to have our own specification of cast iron made exclusively for us. We specify elements such as carbon, silicon, manganese, nickel, chromium, copper and sulfur to produce a highly pearlitic structure with dense fine grains for excellent wear resistance.

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Valve Guides, Manganese for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

These Engine Builder valve guides have been designed with the price conscious builder in mind. Expect the same exacting KPMI® tolerances, but with a reduced toughness / wear-ability when compared to premium “C630” Nickel Aluminum Bronze valve guides. The softer Manganese guides are easily reamed, and then can be delicately finished with our high quality ball hones. Now, with any battery operated or electric drill you can ream and hone manganese valve guides in less time and in the absence of expensive honing equipment required to properly size “tough” Nickel Bronze guides

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Valve Guide Seals for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

#20-2016:KPMI Red 100% Viton® valve stem seals are designed to have optimum fitment, allow for maximum lift, and to give maximum life. KPMI Red valve stem seals are resistant to high temperatures, petroleum products and the corrosive gasses that are the by-products of combustion. These seals retain their ability to seal in situations where other materials could harden and allow oil to enter the combustion chamber causing detonation, carbon build up and a loss of power. The Red Ones are truly the racer’s choice.

#20-2001, 20-2002, 20-2004, & 20-2007 : KPMI solid white PC Style valve stem seals are available for builders who prefer a PC Style seal. These seals incorporate a clasp around the body of the ...


Clutch Springs for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977


Valve Seats (Powdered Metal) for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

Using the latest developments in powdered metal technology, KPMI’s R&D team was able to create a high density iron based seat with exceptional wear resistance, resistance to microwelding, and excellent thermal qualities. The seats are tall, offered in several sizes, and have ample material on the ID for shaping, making them universal in application. They allow the builder to repair damaged seat bores and to increase the seat size for larger valves. The ODs are ground for a smooth surface finish that offers maximum contact with the seat bore for optimum heat transfer. KPMI seats have a generous radius on the leading edge to prevent galling during installation. This material is compatible with all types of fuel blends, resists ...


Rocker Arm Bushings for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

Rocker arm bushings need the correct combination characteristics to perform properly in their high load environment. KPMI tested and analyzed several bearing-bronze materials for anti friction qualities, hardness, and resistance to deformation under high loads. Our bronze rocker bushing material meets the high standards we set for success in all of these areas. KPMI Rocker arm bushings are held to tight dimensional tolerances, have an excellent surface finish, machine well, and have a tapered lead on each end to ease installation.


Wrist Pin Bushings for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

KPMI has developed what we believe to be the highest quality wrist pin bushings available. Our wrist pin bushings are machined from a proprietary bronze alloy, with an exceptional Rockwell hardness rating. These bushings are a must for all rebuilds and high performance applications.


Engine Builder Series Wrist Pin Bushings for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

KPMI has been making wrist pin bushing for Big Twins for over 30 years. The racers choice is our “Ampco 45” wrist pin bushings that continue to perform under the most demanding conditions. Recently, KPMI has developed an additional line of Wrist Pin Bushings for Big Twins®.

Our Engine Builder bushings are made from SAE660 bearing bronze. These bushings are made to exact tolerances and will meet or exceed fitment and wear ability of all other replacement style bushings available. Our new “Engine Builder” line of WristPin Bushings are sold individually or in pairs and are available in a +.002” oversize.


Kicker Shaft Bushings & Seals for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977


O.E.M. Replacement Lower Collars for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

Made from heat treated steel, these lower collars locate the valve spring, have a counter-bore on the bottom to clear the guide flange, and a counter-bore on top to allow for a .725” OD valve stem seal. The seal counter-bore allows the valve stem seal to sit low enough to allow for additional retainer to seal clearance. This lower collar fits over a .565” guide top.

 Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977 


Retainers, Heat Treated Steel for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977


Valve Springs, Kobe Super Clean Chrome Silicon Wire for Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead™ 74" 1966-1977

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