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1971 to 1972

BSA® A65
1971 to 1972

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Black Diamond™ Valves for BSA® A65 1971-1972

All KPMI Black Diamond™ stainless steel valves are impregnated by a special German process to a depth of .002”, with a surface build up of .0002”. This “Black Diamond™” process improves wear properties, reduces friction, and provides resistance to corrosion and wear that is superior to chrome and nickel electrolysis plating. Each valve is designed using Finite Element Analysis software, and profiles are tested on our computerized flow bench. Black Diamond™ Valves are light, strong, one piece forgings with profiles that provide excellent flow characteristics.


Valve Guides for BSA® A65 1971-1972

We choose to use the copper based C63000 nickel-aluminum bronze as a material to make valve guides because of its ideal characteristics for the application. The 4-5 percent nickel content provides superior resistance to wear, and the approximately 80 percent copper content delivers outstanding heat conductivity. KPMI guide profiles are designed to have minimal effect on the airstream while maintaining critical cross sectional thickness in high temperature areas, promoting high performance and endurance. The top portion of the guides are shortened when cam lift information available at the time of design shows that additional retainer to seal clearance is required.


Crankshaft Bushings for BSA® A65 1971-1972


Wrist Pin Bushings for BSA® A65 1971-1972


Keeper, O.E.M. Style Replacement for BSA® A65 1971-1972

KPMI® manufactures these fully machined keepers from high tensile strength heat treated steel. Close attention to details such as taper angle, ID, OD, and width insure proper, repeatable fitment and assembly locations.

 BSA® A65 1971-1972 


Crankshaft Bushings for BSA® A65 1971-1972


Black Diamond™ Valves for BSA® A65 1971-1972

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